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The AFNeT & prostep ivip 2022 STEP AP242 Day

The annual AFNeT & prostep ivip STEP AP242 Day was back on site (20th of October) after 2 years. Sponsored by BMW Group, it was hosted in their Munich IT center. Participants and presenters came from the three continents (Europe, America and Asia), representing both industrial companies and IT solutions vendors’ companies.

Overall, 60 participants, among which 50 on site and 10 through remote attendance.

The purpose of this yearling communication event, being to bring users and vendors all together and to make STEP AP242 progress through:

  • Industrials presentations regarding their achievements with STEP AP242 and, their expectations and requests
  • Vendors STEP AP242 interfaces implementation update and roadmap
  • STEP AP242 capabilities awareness raising within industrial community and industrial priorities sharing
  • Network opportunities that facilitate STEP AP242 deployment.


A great opening keynote was delivered by Dr. Frank Ramsak, who shared the importance of standards in the daily business within BMW Group. He highlighted the gap between the speed of standards development and implementation on one side and the speed of the product development in industry on the other side. Closing this gap is key!   

A total of 23 presenters, with 17 STEP presentations as follows :

  • 3 customers projects
    • STEP AP242 in a JV Cooperation BMW – Great Wall Motors (China)
    • Industrial Use Case at Airbus
    • STEP AP242 at Boeing
  • 9 software vendors updates spanning: CAD, PDM, Electrical, digital twins, …
  • The STEP AP242 edition 3 & 4 status.
  • The interoperability forums ecosystem, now gathered under MBx umbrella, that supports the successful definition and roll out of STEP AP242
    • MBx-IF
    • CAx-IF
    • PDM-IF
    • EWIS-IF

Next year, the event will be led by AFNeT and co-organized with prostep ivip. It will take place in France. Date and venue to be communicated as soon as they are defined.

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