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prostep ivip, AFNeT and Galia, AP242 Day

The AFNeT & prostep ivip STEP AP242 Day

The AFNeT & prostep ivip STEP AP242 Day on the October 19th was a success ! AFNeT & prostep ivip associations had the pleasure of recording more than 150 registrations, more than 90 persons on line all the time from Europe, North America and Asia and 18 presentations from industry, vendors, and our associations. AFNeT and prostep ivip thank you again for this success !

What did we learn ?

  • STEP AP242 is :
    • A backbone for many capabilities
    • Enabling digital continuity for all type of companies with their partners in design and manufacturing
    • Quality built-in
    • Able to work with other standards for specific use cases
    • Evolving towards the Digital Twins
  • Very good implementation progress from the various vendors : for instance, on Kinematics, 3D PMI Semantics, PDM As Design and As planned
  • Preparation of development of new AP242 edition 3 Capabilities on the way with shortened lead time
  • Thanks to proven efficiency of Interoperability forums

Who was here ?

image AP242Day
  • 14h00 : Opening Keynote: STEP AP242 in Automotive (A. Loire, GALIA) – Read presentation >
  • 14h15 : Industrial User presentations (part 1/2)
    • STEP AP242 leadership : AP242 Ed3 requirements and planned roadmap (J.Brangé, AFNeT Services / M. Ungerer, prostep ivip) – Read  presentation >
    • Airbus (Commercial Aircraft) : Status of EN9300 LOTAR standard for Long Term Archiving and Retrieval of Aerospace technical information, and links with ISO STEP AP242 (J-Y. Delaunay, Airbus) – Read presentation >
    • DAHER : Project on AP242 XML Long Term Achiving (F. De La Roche Saint-André, DAHER) – Read presentation >
    • AFNeT Services : Electrical Wire Harness capabilities in AP242 (K. Lothar, AFNeT EWIS Expert) – Read presentation >
  • 15:20 Presentations of AP242 interface solutions by PLM Vendors (1/2)
    • Elysium : STEP AP242 Update – Elysium’s Commitment to openness (Y. Asano, Elysium) – Read presentation > 
    • Dassault Systèmes : Business Collaboration through STEP AP242 (F. Porcher, Dassault Systèmes) – Read presentation > 
  • 16:00 Break
  • 16:15 Industrial User presentations (part 2/2)
    • Safran Group : Master 3D & LOTAR (L. Sevilla Garcia, Safran Group) – Presentation not available –
    • Airbus (Commercial Aircraft) : The Implementor Forums based on AP242: Relationships, dependencies, and Joint User Meetings (J-Y. Delaunay, Airbus) – Read presentation > 
  • 16:55 Presentations of AP242 interface solutions by PLM Vendors (2/2)
    • Jotne : Open Standard Based Digital Twin – connecting PLM and simulation data with IoT/CPS for AI/ML applications (K. Bengtsson, Jotne / J. Haenisch, Jotne) – Read presentation >
    • PROSTEP AG : Real World Usage of AP242 with PROSTEP OpenPDM (C. Zerbst, PROSTEP AG) – Read presentation >