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Philippe Latombe

Philippe Latombe, député de la Vendée sera aux AFNeT Standards days 2022

AFNeT and Atlas will be honoured to receive Philippe Latombe, Member of Parliament, on 11 May for the opening of the AFNeT Standard Days 2022 and the first edition of Atlas Project Day

Une Keynote à 09h30 sur les priorités pour construire une continuité numérique

Rapporteur of the parliamentary mission "Building and promoting national and European digital sovereignty", he will present his vision of the priorities to be considered in building digital continuity. New regulations, role of industrial standards, the importance of data sharing ecosystems and sovereign architectures are all major issues to be considered for a strong digital economy within the French and European industrial sectors. The AFNeT Standard Days/Atlas Project Day will be held on May 11. and 12. at the Espace Hamelin, Paris 16ème. Registration is open and can be accessed below:


Registration for AFNeT Standards days 2022 + ATLAS Project Days :

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By becoming a member, a company not only contributes to the costs of preparing events, but also strengthens our association, whose value depends on the quality of its actions but also on the representativeness of its network of members. The additional resources will also allow us to continue developing new services and projects.

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