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Ingénierie Système en France

Systems Engineering in France: Publication of the Systems Engineering Interoperability Forum (SE-IF) working group's efforts in the INCOSE INSIGHT magazine.

In the ever-evolving field of Systems Engineering, France stands out for its innovative research. Volume 26 / issue 4 of the INCOSE INSIGHT, , a leading publication in the sector, highlights significant advancements in Systems Engineering in France. This special issue features the work of the Systems Engineering Interoperability Forum (SE-IF) in 2023, marking a crucial milestone in the development of Systems Engineering.

The SE-IF, a joint initiative ofAFIS (the French chapter of INCOSE) andAFNeT, is committed to providing innovative solutions for the sharing, exchange, and archiving of Systems Engineering data. These solutions aim for widespread application across the enterprise, underscoring the importance of interoperability in Systems Engineering. In 2023, the SE-IF focused on the exchange of requirements, using the international standard ISO STEP AP242, a major advancement for Systems Engineering.

The detailed results of these efforts and future perspectives of Systems Engineering in France have been published in the latest issue of INSIGHT. For professionals and enthusiasts of Systems Engineering, this article is a valuable resource. Access to this detailed content, available on the l’INCOSE iNET and bibliothèque en ligne de John Wiley, is paid, ensuring quality information at the forefront of Systems Engineering.

These works were also highlighted in the 55th newsletter of AFIS in June 2023..

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