The French Association of Net Users

Foundation for the Digital Transformation of industrial sectors


For 40 years AFNeT's network of experienced and recognized players is at the service of industrial sectors to Working in project mode and the network's mobilization have already led to such as the BoostAeroSpace European collaborative hub or international PLM standards for the aeronautics and automotive industries.
Le fonctionnement en mode projet et la mobilisation de ce réseau ont déjà permis the success of ambitious and sustainable actions


Let's build the industry of the future together


A Think Tank to understand

AFNeT organizes events, thematic workshops and meetings that allow the share and exchange of digital best practices.

It initiates and develops dynamics with its industrial partners to develop new complex collaborative industry projects whose leverage effects will have a positive and lasting impact on the new organization modes of industrial sectors (Aeronautics, Railways, Nuclear, etc.)


A DO TANK for action pour agir

For more than 40 years, AFNeT has been developing projects to promote innovation and competitiveness of French companies through digital technology.

Today, it is launching the ATLAS program ATLAS to provide international multi-sector digital standards internationaux that will serve as a foundation for the Digital Transformation of industrial sectors, to strengthen sovereignty and to facilitate the ecological transition..


The strength of a committed network

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Thomas Courbes

General Manager DGE

"For 20 years, AFNeT has been very actively involved in the development of the industry of the future and the digitization of companies. It is thus accelerating the digital transition of the economy. It contributes to improving productivity, quality, standards for better interoperability, cyber security and the dynamics of innovation and organization of companies, and therefore their competitiveness. With the Atlas project, it gives many companies a new opportunity to prepare for the rebound from the current crisis.


Charles Edelstenne

Honorary Chairman of GIFAS

"AFNeT enables companies to meet
the challenge of competitiveness: the challenge of our companies. This is measured in terms of innovation, quality and profitability. E-business is an important tool in this process because it allows us to reduce costs and develop and accelerate our relationships with all our partners. It gives concrete expression to the concept of the extended enterprise and introduces a contraction of time and space into our relationships, forcing us to rethink our practices and organizational methods. AFNeT enables our companies to pool their strengths to meet these challenges.


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