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AFNeT Standards Days from 06/02/21! Debrief of the second day

On June 02, 2021, the 6th edition of the AFNeT Standards Days s’est poursuivie. Retrouvez ci-dessous le détail du programme, les présentations et les vidéos des intervenants :

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

09H00-10H30 : KeyNote & Track : »MRO/ILS » Conception and development of a customer adapted Training : through the S6000T : May the spec be with you’!
convener : Michel Domeon (Dassault Aviation)

Introduction on S-series (S6000T relationships) by Michel Doméon (Military Big Data Product Owner Dassault Aviation; French resp ASD/PSSG (Product Services Specification Group))

  • The Training ADDIE model (Analysis / Design/ Develop / Implement / Evaluate): Focus on S6000T Framework and Content for Analysis & Design workflows including last issue updates
  • Use case in practice
  • Synthesis and benefits

All by :

  • Gilles Baudoux (Training Business Manager in Directorate of Technical Innovation LGM; Member S6000T Steering Committee)
  • Cedric Paternostre (Director of System Engineering and Performances Department LGM)
  • Paul-Emile Nicolaers (Training Engineer & S6000T Expert LGM)

10H45-11H00 : Vendor Session : Siemens

11H00-12H30 : KeyNote & Track « Digital Twin » Business value of Digital Twin
convener : Pascal Hubert (AFNeT Services)

  • KeyNote : Patrice Teppaz (Thales) : Digital Twin Stream, EngiX Online Collaborative Portal : A Thales User Centric & Agile Quick-Win

Track :

Mapping and draft standards (Joseph Briant Schneider Electric) & Joseph Briant (Schneider Electric)

Digital & uses cases (Olivier Scart Dassault Systèmes ; Comité Technique AIF)

Smarts standards in Digital Twin (Jean Brangé AFNeT Services)

13H30-15H00 : KeyNote & Track « Data & Infra » Data Standards, quality and trust with Blockchain, IA and cyber
convener : Jean Brangé (AFNeT Services)

Keynote : GAIA-X A European Infrastructure for Data by Pierre Gronlier (CTO Gaia-X)

Track :

Cyber by François Lorek (Trax Solutions)

Blockchain by Sylvain Cariou (Président Crystalchain; Président de la commission de normalisation blockchain Groupe AFNOR)

BigData / Data Quality (TBC)

IA by Patrick Bezombes (Chairman of the IA AFNOR standardization committee; Vice-president JTC 21 - IA CEN-CENELEC standardization committee)

15h00-15h30: Vendor Session : Sopra Steria

15H30-17H00 : KeyNote & Track « BIM » IFC as part of the basic standard for the digital twin of the territories
convener : Christophe Castaing (Projet MINnD)
, Frederic Grand (BuildingSmart France) et Michel Rives (Vianova France et BuildingSmart international).

17H00-18H00 : Track « Academics, R&D » Panel discussion on Innovation versus Disruption
convener : Benoit Eynard (Full Professor UTC; Expert Partner Inetum)

The digital transformation and ecological transition in which we are engaged are based on innovation or disruption approaches. How to ensure consistency of the two? We will discuss how the standards reflect the Technological Readiness Level to make the best use of Fundamental Sciences and Technological Research in an innovative or disruptive way.

  • Gilles Debache (Enginer at Dassault Aviation)
  • Lionel Roucoules (Full Professor at Arts et Métiers)
  • Nabil Anwer (Full Professor at Université Paris Saclay)
  • Nadège Troussier (Full Professor at UTT)
  • Nicolas Figay (Expert on Digital Enterprise at Airbus Defense and Space) and other industrial experts TBC