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AFNeT Standards Days from 06/01/21!
Debrief of the first day

The 6th edition of the AFNeT Standards Days started on June 1, 2021. Find below the details of the program, the presentations and the videos of the speakers :

Tuesday June 1, 2021

09: 00-10: 00: opening plenary

09H00 : Words of Welcome : Pierre Faure (Chairman AFNeT)
09H10 : Introduction: Atlas Project in a nutshell : Pierre Faure (Chairman AFNeT)
09H30 : KeyNote « Gaïa-X » : Pierre Gronlier (CTO Gaia-X)
10H00 : KeyNote « Smart Standards » : Jean Brangé (Directeur Technique & Scientifique ATLAS)

10h00-10h30 : Vendor Session : Thales Services Numériques

10h30-12h00 : Keynote & Track « systems engineering »
conveners : Jean-Lus Garnier (AFIS) & Yves Baudier (AFNeT)

KeyNote : “Digital transformation in the Electronic Banking domain : Systems Engineering of Effortless Payment” by Frédéric Vieren (Worldline Labs Ambassador) & Mickael Bouyaud (Worldline)

Track : « MBSE »

MBSE – Related Standards & Project: Pascal Hubert (AFNeT Services) & Jean-Luc Garnier (AFIS)
Systems Engineering within a business domain: Philippe Boéri (Naval Group)
Models and simulation sustaining the whole life cycle of a system: Rémi Boutemy (Nexter)
0.3D Simulations : JM. Crépel & M. Norris (NAFEMS)

13H00-14H30 : KeyNote & Track « PLM »
convener : Jean-Yves Delaunay (Airbus)

KeyNote : “Standards in the future of commercial aviation” by Jean-Pierre Souzy (Airbus)

Track :

PDM / Configuration Management interoperability based on ISO STEP by Frédéric Darré (Airbus)
Model Based Definition interoperability based on ISO STEP standard by Pierre Duchier (Airbus) and Jean-Yves Delaunay (Airbus)
Metrology associated to RV&V using STEP AP242 : Promethea project by Alexandre Loire (Galia / PFA) et Frederic Chambolle (PSA)

14H45-15H00 : Vendor Session : Dassault Systèmes

15h00-16h30: KeyNote & Track : « Smart Manufacturing »
convener : Patrick Lamboley (Schneider Electric)

KeyNote : « Role of Standards & Consortia as key drivers in smart manufacturing journey » by Aurelien Lesant (CTO Industry de Schneider Electric)

Track : 

Convergence and adoption of existing and upcoming standards
« Feedback and importance of OPC UA after industrial implementation » by Thierry Daneau (Renault)
« Presentation of IDTA (Industrial Digital Twin Association) » by Mathias Boelke (Schneider Electric)
« Smart manufacturing – Contrôle in-process et Digital Twin » by Dominique Nozais (IMC)

16H30-17H30 : KeyNote and Track « SCM & traceability » Cross-industry supply-chain and quality standards Do you really need to reinvent your own Supply Chain standard for your industry ?
convener : Samy Scemama (AFNeT Services)

Today, the imposed figure of the Supply Chain is AGILITY which means: speed and responsiveness. This agility is only possible based on a collaborative working mode, DIGITALIZED and STANDARDIZED Supply Chain exchanges.

17h30 -18h00: Solutions Industrie du Futur: Nouvelle Filière et Saison 2 de l’AIF